“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness” -Frank Tyger

  • Converting Successful Ideas intro Reality
  • industrial automation, 3d-robotics, 3d robotics
  • cloud computing, internet of things, internet-of-things, iot, ruby on rails
  • Product Design, Industrial Design
  • working approach, product strategy

Synergy Design Solutions was incorporated in 2013, precisely because we wanted the freedom and flexibility to do what we like to do.  We  are a very close-knit passionate team of engineers and the founders, the thinkers & the doers.

* We love to apply our engineering skills to convert ideas into a reality!

* We love to take on engineering challenges which typical engineering companies tend to run away from.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” – Joshua J. Marine

About Us

When you work with us, you don’t get “assigned” to project engineers and channeled into the system.  You  work directly with our team shown here.

We are honest, frank and to the point.  If something looks out of place (not feasible or high risk), we tell it to you straight; after all, your time (and ours too) is precious.

The team members that work with you, work ONLY on your project with total dedication.  Multi-tasking across projects is inefficient and we do not encourage this.

We do not take anything and everything that comes our way. We look at the technical feasibility, commercial feasibility (if necessary) and client commitment.  Then we access our resources availability and plan the project schedules accordingly.

We work based on a systematic approach which we developed based on our experiences, our failures and our successes!

We believe that anything we do, we must do it with passion.  This brings out the energy, enthusiasm & quality of our efforts.

With the belief that all complex problems have simple solutions, we strive to empathize with our clients, build the fundamentals, and lay the foundation to approach technical challenges.

Our Singapore Team

Abhijit Rege
Abhijit RegeMechanical Engineering
Abhijit Rege has been in the Design and Automation Sector for 16 years and worked in the Hard Disk Manufacturing, Automated Systems Integration, Robotics and Product Design.

He graduated from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2000 and a Masters Degree in Smart Product Design in 2005.

Ramkumar Padmanabhan
Ramkumar Padmanabhan Control & Software
P. Ramkumar has over 18 years experience in multiple engineering areas, such as Advanced Automation, Systems Engineering, Reliability and Quality Assurance, software development, and product/project management.

He graduated in 1998 with a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bharathiar University, India.

Wee Tien Guan
Wee Tien GuanProject Management
Tien Guan has more than 20 years work experience in Hard Disk Manufacturing,Point of Sales (PoS) Systems and Software Applications Support. His functional roles include Manufacturing Support, Failure Analysis, Quality Assurance, Project Management and Customer Support.

He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2001.

Our Australia Team

Nick Sutterer
Nick SuttererOpen Source Development
Having worked in the Open Source Software community for more than a decade, Nick is mostly involved in consulting projects. He loves software architecture and refactoring.

He is the creator of Trailblazer (A High-Level Architecture For The Web) and is also the author of “Trailblazer: A New Architecture For Rails”.

Our India Team

Gautam Rege
Gautam RegeIoT Solutions
Gautam Rege has worked for 16+ years in the Software Industry, with product Companies like Veritas Software Inc. (now Symantec Inc) and services companies like Zensar Technologies and Cybage Software. He is the author of ‘Ruby and MongoDB Web Development’.

He has graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT), India.

Sethupathi Asokan
Sethupathi Asokan Ruby On Rails Development
In his 17+ years, Sethupathi Asokan has worked all along with Veritas Software (now Symantec Inc).

He was instrumental in designing and managing Veritas Command Central Storage and was the senior most member of the team of 160 engineers. He has done Masters Degree in Computer Science in 1998.

Deepak Deshpande
Deepak DeshpandeEnvironmental Engineering
Deepak Deshpande is the Director of Synergy India Green Power Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company in which Synergy Design Solutions is a major shareholder.

Deepak has more than 30 years experience in Engineering and is currently focused on the renewable energy sector to provide hybrid solutions combining bio-gas plants and solar power plants to generate power 24/7.

Our Subsidiaries and Partners

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