Market Need

Visual indicators (Tower lights, indicator lamps, etc.) are commonly used in Production equipment to alert production staff on the status of certain machinery, critical processes.  However, all these components draw power from the system itself.  In the absence of a power source, these indicators cannot function!  

Redundancy can be added into the system with stand-alone power sources (like battery packs, USP, etc.) but one would also need AC to DC conversion depending on the indicator components.  This unnecessarily increases the cost, maintenance and servicing issues.

A low-cost self-powered visual indicator would not only enable continuous monitoring of the machinery/processes but also work independently of the power source while providing a visual indication of the real time status.

The Solution

The RED Eye – 1STM  is a small sleek unit which fulfills the need for a self-powered low cost visual indicator.  It can be easily connected to single or multiple switches in parallel to alert the staff of any switch trigger.  It is powered by 3x AA batteries and can function for at least 3 months without battery replacement.  It can be installed anywhere using standard VESA mounts.  A high powered red LED “Eye” is the visual indicator which can have a customized Alert Message depending on the application.

Typical Applications

RED Eye -1STM  can be used as SAFETY indicator when a mechanical contact switch is triggered.
RED Eye -1STM  can be used as TEMPERATURE indicator when a thermal switch exceeds a certain temperature.
RED Eye -1STM  can be used as PRESSURE indicator when a pressure switch exceeds a certain pressure.
RED Eye -1STM  can be used as LOCK indicator when a magnetic switch is triggered by closing a door.

Product Evolution

Efficient Battery management circuitry, audio alarms, multi-switch monitoring, IoT Communication hardware integration are planned for testing & implementation as part of the product evolution strategy.