(Pronounced as “Kaki” – Singlish for close friends and buddies)

Ride hailing apps like Grab & Uber are taking Singapore by storm.  In fact, Grab plans to “grab” all the wheels in Singapore, be it taxis, cars, limos, shuttle buses and ever car-pooling!  The previously small community of driving professionals is suddenly scaling up significantly.  Such a scale-up brings up inherent problems….as with all social circles.

The basis of a social circles, which on a large scale are known as social networks, is the ability of each member able to support each other and the network as a whole.  This “collective” mind-set is extremely necessary for driving professionals.  Even the previous dominant driving professionals, namely taxi-drivers, had their own social network.  Walkie-talkies and voice messaging apps (with the smart phone revolution) have been in use to allow the social networks to function.

However, without a proper platform in place, such social networks were not very effective.  With the introduction of Facebook and LinkedIn, there was a common platform for people to connect! You didn’t need to build up your rolodex, reputation and resume…it was on-line, available all the time and visible to everyone.   In fact, almost every person is connected all the time on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Driving professionals do not have the luxury of looking at their phones all the time…in fact it is dangerous.  Social networks are more than social for driving professionals.  They might need access to relief drivers,  understand traffic conditions, know potential customer locations, get help in an emergency, get updates on new rules and regulations and  talk to their friends to relieve the monotony of driving alone.

This is easier said than done for the new drivers coming into the game.  For example, a newly signed-up driver for Grab or Uber may be completely lost.  Although orientation is conducted by the companies, it is very formal; what one needs is “on-the-ground” information of when to do what!  whom does he talk to, who has the time for him if they don’t know him.

Kar’ki is a social network built for Driving professionals to bring them all together on one platform.

Once a driving professional join Kar’ki, he is automatically connected to all the other Kar’ki members….even if he doesn’t know any of them or doesn’t have their phone numbers.  He gets to know see ALL the social networks available and join the public groups (Without any prior permissions or approval).  basically, he is immediately a part of the driving professionals community. 

Kar’ki is now available on Google Play Store and will be available on the AppStore soon!

watch the video and visit the Kar’ki website for more info.