Why Manufacturing’s Not Cool

Finally we got an idea on why millennials and teenagers today don’t think manufacturing is cool. Most teenagers don’t care as much about safety and reliability as they do about finding purpose and passion in their work. The younger generation strives for freedom, happiness, and the reassurance that their work is an asset to the larger world and is bettering their community.

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Seeing your way to better strategy

We work with may start-ups and one of the primary reasons many of them fail to take off is that they put Strategy as a low priority. “What’s the point of a Strategy if the Proof of Concept doesn’t work?” – that’s a common mind-set. I always, ask back, “What’s the strategy if the Proof of Concept works?”

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What Makes a Great Manufacturing Leader?

1. building trust
2. having high expectations for their people and gives them the tools to meet those expectations
3. Inspiring passion
4. Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit
5. Being a change agent
6. Telling it like it is
7. Encouraging cross-functional teams
8. ‘Getting’ millennials and creating a culture around them
9. Seeing the competitive advantage in tech

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Whose Managing your Robots? Introducing the Chief Robotics Officer

A new Entrant in the C-Suite Category “CRO” – Chief Robotics Officer

By 2022, Manufacturing Strategies need Robotics, Predictive Analytics, Human Machine Interaction all connected seamlessly.
Companies will require their Supply Chain to have equivalent systems to interact and process. ERP solutions will have specialized modules integrating these strategies.

A very interesting future for manufacturing! Start preparing now.

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Product Commercialization

We are in the business of converting a great idea into a successful product.  Innovation, creativity and technology are crucial but only half the effort.  A great deal of effort, time and money has to be spent on the other half, the product commercialization process.

Product Commercialization is basically the “Go to Market” strategy.

Go to market means aligning product, engineering, sales, marketing and customer success.  This involves effort […]

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The Idea Factory

This is a very interesting article on the different types of innovation and ideas have driven industry.  Using Bell Labs as an example adds more flavour to this article as Bell labs have been the original idea factory.  We took the liberty of posting excellent insight here because to closes relates to our systematic and proven approach.  Many thanks for author,  Tomasz Tunguz (Venture Capitalist at Redpoint) […]

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How Industrial Machinery Makers Are Capturing the Digital Opportunity

New digital technologies are changing the way businesses operate in nearly every industry. However, few industries will be transformed as thoroughly as industrial machinery, where digital technologies are not merely changing the way products are sold, but how companies operate.

This Bain Brief clearly explains what industrial machinery makers must look out for and transform themselves.

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