What Makes a Great Manufacturing Leader?

1. building trust
2. having high expectations for their people and gives them the tools to meet those expectations
3. Inspiring passion
4. Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit
5. Being a change agent
6. Telling it like it is
7. Encouraging cross-functional teams
8. ‘Getting’ millennials and creating a culture around them
9. Seeing the competitive advantage in tech

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Whose Managing your Robots? Introducing the Chief Robotics Officer

A new Entrant in the C-Suite Category “CRO” – Chief Robotics Officer

By 2022, Manufacturing Strategies need Robotics, Predictive Analytics, Human Machine Interaction all connected seamlessly.
Companies will require their Supply Chain to have equivalent systems to interact and process. ERP solutions will have specialized modules integrating these strategies.

A very interesting future for manufacturing! Start preparing now.

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Packaging Automation

We performed a Technical Feasibility Study for End of Line (EOL) Packaging Automation for a global semiconductor company (“the client”) that makes products for the wireless and broadband communication industry.

Electronic components like micro-chips and PCBs are packaged as per  industry standards. Some customers have their own additional standards to have easy tracking and traceability of the components.

However, the […]

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Machine Vision Automation

The Client is a global life-sciences company who wanted to accurately measure the volume of a heavy immiscible powder in a PCR Tube filled with water.

Design Brief:

It was necessary to have automated measurements of at least 100 test samples before any manual intervention (loading/unloading of test samples).  The system had to fit on a lab bench (500mm x 500mm).  Life sciences labs usually do not like air-compressors because […]

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RED Eye-1S: A low cost self-powered visual indicator


Market Need

Visual indicators (Tower lights, indicator lamps, etc.) are commonly used in Production equipment to alert production staff on the status of certain machinery, critical processes.  However, all these components draw power from the system itself.  In the absence of a power source, these indicators cannot function!   […]

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Custom-built Medical Device

The Client is a global life-sciences company who wanted to make a Medical Device which works as an administering device for delivering a therapeutic substance in a fluid to a patient.

This Contract Design and Manufacturing Project had significant design complexities as mentioned below:

  • A splash proof design was necessary to prevent the therapeutic substance from affecting […]
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