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  • Smart products are connected to the internet, always interacting with you and can even predict information.

  • We bridge the technology gap between the hardware developers (Product Design, System Integration) and the software developers (Web & Mobile Applications, Big Data Analytics) to create SMART PRODUCTS.

  • We enjoy working with aspiring entrepreneurs and startups and provide all the other necessary business and technical services required for a successful entrepreneurship journey.

  • We manage system integration projects for SMEs & MNCs focusing on improving their operational efficiency, complementing their skill sets or just looking for the next big thing.

Our Services

Feasibility Studies

Product Design

Rapid Prototyping

Electronics and PCB Design

Mechanical & Electrical Assembly

System Integration

Software Development

Data Science and Analytics

Pilot Builds & Volume Manufacturing

Project Management

Engineering Consultancy

When you work with us, you don’t get “assigned” to project engineers and channeled into the system.  You  work directly with our team shown here.

We are honest, frank and to the point.  If something looks out of place (not feasible or high risk), we tell it to you straight; after all, your time (and ours too) is precious.

We do not take anything and everything that comes our way. We look at the technical feasibility, commercial feasibility and client commitment.  Then we access our resources availability and plan the project schedules accordingly.

We work based on a systematic approach which we developed based on our experiences, our failures and our successes!

We believe that anything we do, we must do it with passion.  This brings out the energy, enthusiasm & quality of our efforts.

With the belief that all complex problems have simple solutions, we strive to empathize with our clients, build the fundamentals, and lay the foundation to approach technical challenges.

Welcome message

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness” -Frank Tyger

Abhijit Rege (CEO/Founder)
Abhijit Rege (CEO/Founder) M.Sc (Smart Product Design), B. Engg (Mechanical)
Expertise: Hard Disk Manufacturing, Automated Systems Integration, Robotics & Product Design

“Engineering touches every aspect of our lives from smart phones to toilet paper!  All things in our lives are designed, tested and manufactured by engineers; the unsung heroes responsible for our quality of life. The advent of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has triggered the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals who sense a market need and attempt to capitalize on this need by embarking on successful ventures.

However, conventional engineering does not encompass the full knowledge spectrum of Mechanical Design, Electronics, Software and Data Analytics. There is a requirement for a special breed of engineers, with the right attitude, aptitude and adaptability to taken on the challenges of multi-disciplinary activities in multiple domains.  We, at Synergy Design Solutions, precisely fulfill this requirement.

We aim to be the main point of contact for entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNCs to enable access to all these necessary skills, expertise and experience through our exhaustive network of technical specialists.  Our development centres in Singapore, India and Belarus are able to provide the capacity for functional prototypes, pilot builds and volume manufacturing.

So, if you have an idea which you believe in, get in touch with us and we’ll help you convert that idea into a reality… after all, why Wait, just Create!”

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Our design service covers everything from concept to production.
We have all the tools and resources necessary to handle a variety of product development, design, and manufacturing needs.

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