We are in the business of converting a great idea into a successful product.  Innovation, creativity and technology are crucial but only half the effort.  A great deal of effort, time and money has to be spent on the other half, the product commercialization process.

Product Commercialization is basically the “Go to Market” strategy.

Go to market means aligning product, engineering, sales, marketing and customer success.  This involves effort in market research, customer surveys, competitor analysis and identifying the Unique Selling Point(s).  The Product Design process must then factor these USPs into the aesthetic and emotional appeal to attract customers.

Engineers (naturally!) tend to think that awesome technology and robust reliable performance are enough to make a great product.  This is absolutely essential but will not necessarily affect product sales.  Customers (naturally!) assume that reliability is built into the product and their main concern is NOT performance but “how does this product make me look”….yes, it’s vain, but true! All purchases are status symbols that define an individual, whether it’s clothes, shoes or the latest smart phone model!product commercialization

Industrial Design is the skill used to let the product “Make a statement” and appeal to the customer.  Good Industrial Designers (believe me, they are hard to find!) are a unique combination of an artist and an engineer.  They are very finely tuned in to their emotions and feelings and “live, breathe and feel” the product.  They instinctively know what features (a simple curve, an organic shape, an emotional colour, etc.)  make a statement. Mechanical designers then incorporate the ID concept into the product design.

This process essentially aligns the Sales Effort to the Engineering effort and the USPs to the Product Performance.

A well-planned Product Commercialization Strategy educates the market and convinces the customers to buy the product.  So we strongly recommend that Innovation Costs and Commercialization Costs be factored into the Product Development budget to convert your great idea into a successful product.