Why Wait, just Create!TM Approach

Digital Technology is greatly transforming how businesses operate. The new business model will be based on usage or performance instead of a fixed price of products.  Why Wait, just Create!TM is a systematic and proven approach developed by us to set a usage/performance fee based on the Return on Investment for long term contracts.   This ensures recurring income, reliable sales figures and intellectual property ownership.

The Why Wait, just Create!TM Approach helps us to become self-reliant, financially stable and independent of customer dependency & economic downturns; in other words, sustainable. Resource efficiency is maximized as the resources stay motivated and focused to develop stable, thoroughly-tested & reliable products..  The products generate recurring income to sustain the company while more products are added to the pipe-line. We also provide Contract Design & Manufacturing Services to clients who prefer to own the intellectual property rights.

The Why Wait, just Create!TM Approach is based on four guiding principles:

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